Paper-Like Films

Paper-Like Films Compostable NUREL INZEA Biopolymers
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Paper-Like Films

The compostable biopolymer solution

INZEA® Biopolymers offers solutions for the replacement of paper and cardboard packaging, with clear advantages for thermoforming and sealing compared to traditional paper. It also gives the end products a good resistance to grease while maintaining its breathability. INZEA paper-like films also have excellent sealing and tearing properties.

INZEA F18P is the paper like grade and can be processed in monolayer or multilayer with other INZEA grades. 

Main applications

  • Cardboard and paper substitution, clamshells and warps
  • Packaging for fresh food and bakery
  • Paper like sheet for take away food
Compostable Paper-Like Films Applications NUREL INZEA Biopolymers
Compostable Paper-Like Films  Applications NUREL INZEA Bioplastics

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