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INZEA Biopolymers Biobased and biodegradability certifications

Tests & Certifications

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European Norm on packaging compostability (EN 13432) requires 4 tests, besides a detailed description of the product:

  • Test on biodegradation. Chemical breakdown of materials into CO2, water and minerals. Pursuant to the standard at least 90% of the material has to be broken down by biological action within 6 months.
  • Test on heavy metals content. Volatile matter >50%, heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Ni, Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr, Mo, Se, As) and fluorine below limit.
  • Test on disintegration. Physical falling apart of the product in small fragments.
  • Test on ecotoxicity. Measures if the composted product does not exert any negative effect on plants.
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Biodegradation tests and certifications
Test on disintegration of INZEA®
Test on ecotoxicity of INZEA®
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All our INZEA® product range is suitable for Food Contact according to European regulation 10/2011. For further information please contact with NUREL Technical Department.

Genetically Modified Free references are available, a Self Declaration is available upon request.

INZEA grades for mulching film, comply with the European standard to guarantee the complete biodegradability in the soil without causing any harm to the environment.

INZEA products conform with the international standards for composting and biobased content